GTUG Stockholm 2015-10-08

The Google Technology User Group Stockholm is a nice tech meetup group in Stockholm hosted monthly (ish) by @psvensson . Although Google produces lots of interesting technology, the concept of GTUG Stockholm is much wider than that and focuses a lot on open source development stacks in general.

I've attended the GTUG meetings ever since I moved to Stockholm in 2012 and they've had lots of interesting talks on different applications and hints about software to keep in mind. For example, I was introduced to Finagle and Grafana by attending the GTUG Meetings.

Last Thursday eve the theme was Docker and Nordpol . Docker is a frontend for containerized application which is a interesting way to run applications. It's quite intuitive and fun, but it's not what really impressed me. The new-to-me and cool project from Fidesmo, Nordpol, sounded interesting. Nordpol is a library to work with Java cards in a modern way.

Java cards are really ubiquitous and are most often uesd as access cards or in credit cards. The Java card technology is widely spread and available for an almost unlimited array of low-energy microchips and Nordpol as a library makes communicating with them a much more using Android a less painful experience.

If you're an Android developer working with an application that could in any way benefit from physical accessories, Nordpol seems to be a really interesting tool for your toolkit.

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Written 2015-10-14 by Emil Tullstedt