Share soundfiles from Dropbox to 46elks IVR

To play sound files to the users with the 46elks voice API you need to have somewhere to store your sound files. One solution is to store the files in your Dropbox and use the download link in the API.

Add a file to your dropbox folder

Open the folder in your Dropbox (where you want to store the sound file). Upload the sound file by selecting upload:

Share the soundfile

Share the soundfile by clicking on Share :

Create link

In the popup select Create link :

Copy the link

Then copy the link:

Change the link for direct download:

Change from: to by changing www to dl and removeing ?dl=0

You may allso change the: to by changing ?dl=0 to ?dl=1

Update your JSON in the dashboard:

The next step is to save the url in the JSON for the number:

You may use the file in any JSON for the Voice calls with 46elks.


Dropbox guide with parameter change

Similar way of doing it

Written 2016-07-11 by Martin Harari Thuresson